Narayankul Dream Model School & College

Programs List

Sports Festival

At the beginning of the year, more specifically in February or March sports festival is arranged to give chances to the students to perform their skills in sports. NDMSC sports festival has broken the convention. Students do not personally compete against other students rather they compete as being part of different teams. All the students are grouped into six teams named differently. Many local and Japanese games are played among the teams and gains scores. The highest scorer wins the Trophy. Through this festival, students learn the importance of teamwork.



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Dream Speech Day

To inspire the students to reach their goals and make their dreams come true despite having difficulties in life.

Purpose in Details:
Dream Speech is a speech on “Dream”. Here the Dream Achiever reveals and shares about how to fulfill dream. Among all the activities of NDMSC, Dream Speech Day is one that is held twice in a year. Dream Speech Day is such kind of inspirational program where a Dream Achiever who has already fulfilled his/her dreams despite having difficulties and struggles in life is invited. In this program Dream Achiever shares his/her experiences basically how he/she has achieved his/her dream having difficulties in life. On the day, the Dream Achiever also expresses his/her thoughts, feelings and obstacles of life so that the students can be inspired to go ahead and can make their dreams come true. The students also ask him questions to get more details about the way of life. So far, Dream School and College is lucky to get some honorable Bangladeshi Dream Achievers in NDMSC premises. They have come and shared their notions of lives to the students. 


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Japanese Language

As part of an honest endeavor of the founder, Narayankul Dream Model School & College will arrange Japanese Language Class for the students so that they can study in Japan after graduating from this school. In addition, learning Japanese will open chances for the students to have jobs in any Japanese company. They are few persons who can speak Japanese well. But a person having fluency in Japanese language has a great demand in our country and in the global market as well.


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Study Tour

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