Narayankul Dream Model School & College


Dream School & College
Monthly & yearly hostel fee (per student)
SL Particulars of fee Amount (1st year) Amount (from 2nd year) Payment policy
1 House rent, Food, Utility bill, Service charge  (12XTK 8,000) TK 96,000 (12XTK 8,000) TK 96,000 Monthly/Yearly
2 Admission fee  TK 2,000 TK 00 Only during admission
3 Session charge (yearly) TK 13,000 TK 13,000 Once in a year
Total yearly expense TK 1,11,000 TK 1,09,000 ……………………..


 Hostel Information- 01892 086626 

Affordable Hostel 

Those students who live far from the school can live in NDMSC Hostel. There have all the standard facilities for the students.



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School Library

Narayankul Dream Model School & College has undertaken a plan to build a library with vast amount of books. NDMSC wants to widen the area of scopes to study for all students. At present, there are about 7,000 books that covers all major subject areas i.e. science, arts, literature, religion, sports, language etc. Students can study in the library and they can borrow books to read at home. It is noticeable that NDMSC accepts suggestions from the students to buy books that they want to read.

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School Transport

An air-conditioned coaster will be available route from Uttara, Tongi, Board Bazar, Ulukhola, Kanchon, Pubail, Kaligonj, Joydebpur to Narayankul. Any students on that way can reserve a seat in advance. Students need to apply for booking the seat with a minimum of 6 months’ payment.


Dream School & College
Transport monthly fee chart -2023
Route Name of Area Total Amount
Uttara  Ulukhola, senpara                3,000
 Nagorvela                3,200
 Rayerdia, Teromukh                3,300
 Moynartek, Masterbari, Atipara                3,500
 Abdullahpur                4,000
 Uttara                4,500
Ulukhola & Kanchon  Bindan                2,800
 Ulukhola  bazar, Udur                3,000
  Mothbari, Birtul, Ketun                 3,200
 Golan, Rathura, Panjora                3,400
 Nagori bazar, palkhan College & bazar                 3,500
 Kanchon Bridge                4,000
Pubail & Kaligonj  Pubail college, Kudabo, Chamudda, Megdubi, Koler Bazar, Bosugawn                3,000
  Pubail station ,Podo Harbaid, Vadun,                 3,200
 Pubail bazar, Pipulia, Vadun Baoribari, Bilashara                3,300
 Nolchata, Doripara,                3,700
 Tumulia Mission                4,000
 Kaligonj Sadar                4,200
Tongi  Mirerbazar, Talotia                2,700
  Majukhan, Karamtola                3,000
  Harbaid                3,300
  Silmun, Haydrabad                3,600
 Morkun, T&T                3,700
 Bonomala, Tongi station,Pagar, Gopalpur                3,800
 Tongi college gate , Dattapara                4,000
Joydebpur  Dirasrom                3,400
 Joydebpur Sadar                4,000
For any query, please contact: 01722 754436
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Science Lab

Narayankul Dream Model School & College is committed to providing quality education for all. It is committed to emphasizing science and research. NDMSC has been working on making a modern science lab with all facilities requires for scientific research. NDMSC will continue to support it since most of the students have dreams of becoming doctors, engineers, and scientists.





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School ICT Lab

In the era of globalization, NDMSC realizes the importance of information and communication technology. It has created a modern ICT lab consists of high-end desktop computers with a broadband internet connection including Wi-Fi connectivity. Students have scopes to google their eyes all over the world to enrich the realm of knowledge. NDMSC believes that a student can be a true global citizen only if he/she has a wide range of knowledge.

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