Narayankul Dream Model School & College

Vision, Mission & Purpose

Narayankul Dream Model School & College was established to provide dream education among the students who study here.


Our School’s Vision & Mission

NDMSC Exists solely for the welfare of the students.


Our School’s Purpose

NDMSC helps the students to have, pursue and accomplish their dreams.


Belief of Narayankul Dream Model School and College (NDMSC)

Narayankul Dream Model School and College (NDMSC) exist solely for the happiness of each student who studies here. People are born to be a man having human quality and noble dream. Every step of that dream faces the path made with endeavors. As a person, one should have deeper sense of consideration and sincerity. If you love someone, you will be loved. Be grateful for your existence. I believe that the achievement of "thank you" is the utmost happiness of human being. I have a dream, someday the world will be one. All tears of despair will be perished from the world and the planet will be overflowed with the smiles of joy. I wish Narayankul Dream Model School and College  (NDMSC) will be the center point of that dream.